Welcome on the website of Thiago Ribas da Costa.

Thiago is a Brazilian rider, based in Belgium and competing throughout Europe.

Some of his results of the past years until recent:

  1. -1st Coupe de Belgique 1st manche, Gesves 7yo class

  2. -1st Belgium Championships, 1st manch 5yo class

  3. -1st GOLD league 7yo Neeroeteren, Belgium

  4. -2nd GOLD League Duisburg

  5. -3rd Grand Prix GOLD Duisburg, Belgium

  6. -3rd Belgium Championships Qualifier

  7. -3rd Belgium Championships Qualifier

  8. -3rd GOLD league 1.30 class

  9. -3rd GOLD league Herselt 7yo, Belgium

  10. -7th 1.40 GOLD League Opglabbeek, Belgium

  11. -7th Young Horse Class Sentower, Belgium

  12. -8th Grand Prix GOLD Opglabbeek, Belgium

  1. -1st Puissance 2.20 Nieuwpoort, Belgium

  2. -1st 6 Bar 1.95 Beervelde, Belgium

  3. -1st Mix Comp, CSI Zandhoven, Belgium

  4. -3rd Grand Prix 1.50 CSI Bonheiden, Belgium

  5. -3rd Grand Prix 1.50 CSI Maubeuge, France

  6. -4th 1.45 Class CSI Lommel, Belgium

  7. -5th Grand Prix 1.50 CSI Franconville, France

  8. -5th Grand Prix 1.50 CSI Moorsele, Belgium

  9. -6th CSIO Lummen 1.60, CSIO Belgium

  1. -1st Grand Prix 1.50 CSI Lummen, Belgium

  2. -1st CSI4* 1.60 CSI Liege, Belgium

- 2nd Grand Prix 1.50 CSI Bonheiden, Belgium

  1. -3rd Derby of Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  2. -8th CSI Mechelen, Belgium

  1. -1st CSI3* San Giovanni, Italy

  2. -1st CSI2* Manerbio, Italy

  3. -2nd Grand Prix, Manerbio, Italy

  4. -3rd Puissance CSI5* Mechelen, Belgium

  5. -5th Grand Prix of Moorsele, Belgium

  6. -

- 1st Grand Prix Bonheiden, Belgium

  1. -2nd CSI5* Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  2. -2nd CSI4* Antwerp, Belgium

  3. -2nd Grand Prix Moorsele, Belgium

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